Georgian Association for Mental Heath (GAMH)

GAMH is a nonprofit organization, which was founded in 1991. It unites mental health professionals, people with mental disabilities, their relatives and concerned civilians.

GAMH seeks to improve the mental health of all citizens of Georgia through advocacy, education, research and service. GAMH is promoting Mental Health Care reforms in Georgia through developing community-based approach.


GAMH’s vision is that people with mental disabilities must be integrated into society and provided with all the opportunities to live in dignity.


Every person, regardless of disability and other characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, economic status or sexual orientation, has the right and responsibilities of full participation in society.


Structure of the Organization:

GAMH unites 78 members. The supreme directing body of the organization is the General Meeting of members. The supreme governing body of GAMH is the Board consisting of five members. The managing body of the organization is represented by executive director and four department coordinators.

Main designs are discussed at the meetings of department’s coordinators. Also future activity of the association is planned at these meetings. An executive director manages and organizes weekly meeting of coordinators of the departments. Strategic plan of the association is submitted to the Board of GAMH for confirmation.