GAMH development history

Georgian Association for Mental Health in recent years has achieved considerable development, which is manifested in the implemented projects, “variety” of current activities and influence on policy level: reforming State Psychiatric Program and elaborating new Georgia Law on Psychiatry care.

In 1998 the Association received the first big financial injection from Cordaid. It can be said that since then the considerable development of the organization has started. Association began its work with establishment of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center, and then it started spreading of the knowledge gained in the center throughout the whole country. As a result of active lobbying by GAMH psycho-social rehabilitation became a part of the State Psychiatric Program.

Nowadays trough GAMH facilitation a new Georgian Law on Psychiatric Care has been elaborated and adopted, GAMH are supporting Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs in improvement of the State Psychiatric Program and development of Georgia Mental Health Policy.

If in the beginning GAMH was only service provider, now we are involved in making legislation and policy. GAMH’s staff has also increased (41 employees); GAMH expanded its activities and has entered a new phase of organizational development.

Nowadays GAMH has four departments:

Current projects: